Our Facilities

We do more than just training you, our responsibility extends to facilitate your career growth through our continuous support. Here you will get the opportunities to fully utilize your potential with our special services.

  • Freelancing Special Class

Don’t have any idea how to start freelancing? Our mentors are here to guide you through the path to clarify all your confusions. From sending buyer request to client management, you will understand how to professionally work on the freelancing platform with maximum efficacy.

Freelacing MarketPlace

  • Career Placement Support

  • 700+ Contracting Company

Our career placement department is ready to help you find a lucrative job. We ensure your resume gets into the hands of the right hiring manager.  So far this department has helped more than 16000 students to find jobs in competitive global platforms. Promising a better future, we have successfully raised the job placement rate to 66% in 2023.

Career Placement Partner

Lifetime Support

The bond between Creative IT and its students is lifelong. We strengthen our bond with you by providing lifelong support that helps you overcome any problem in your career path even after completing their course. Our expert support team ensures 24 hours service to all of our students. The personalized feedback that you receive from us, helps you grow, every day. 


We provide premium softwares and tools to complete your projects. You can avail this opportunity by doing any course at our institute. Most of the paid tools that are needed to get your work done are available here. 

24/7 Online Support

We provide 24/7 online support to all of our students. Our expert team is always ready to help you solve any problems in your career path.[Condition Applied]

Prestige Card

Using the prestige card that we provide you can get special discounts in your day to day activities. You can do ride sharing, shopping and hangouts at a subsidized price with the card. We are working on adding more facilities to this card. 

Virtual Internship

Without in-hand experience, no one can be competent in any skill. Practical work experience is a must have for better career opportunities. CIT offers its students virtual internship opportunities, where they can work under the supervision of industry experts. The online internships qualify to be as effective as offline work experience. Hence, you can also complete our internship at our office. 

English Language

We emphasize on the basic English to make you competent for the job market. Our English Language Course includes the topics and strategies to help you properly communicate on the international platform. 

Practice Lab Support

We offer our students practice lab support so that they can complete their courseworks feasibly at any time. The uninterrupted learning environment that we ensure, helps the student gather practical knowledge in an efficient manner.

Review Class

Do you face difficulty when you review the previous concepts? To ensure the best learning outcome, we arrange review classes that help our students overcome any problem in their skill development process. You will be able to understand the topics that you find complex under the close supervision of our skilled mentors.

Class Videos

No need to worry if you miss a topic in the class. We record most of our classes so that students who miss a session can still get the information they need. They can watch the videos again and again until they understand the topic thoroughly. Our motto is to provide you a flexible learning experience to gradually improve your competence.

Prerequisite Course

No need to worry if you have no prior knowledge on the field you want to work. We have launched prerequisite courses to help the newbies understand the basics of the main course. After course completion you will get a certificate. The prerequisite course will help you keep pace with the other students and understand the topics better.

Career Advancement Program

The aim of our career advancement program is to help you reach your goal after course completion. Under this 3 months program you will set career goals and make a project model to be prepared for the global job platform. Under the close supervision of our skilled mentors, you will solve 30+ practical projects and build a strong portfolio.

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