Upcoming Seminars/Workshops

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Topic Date Time Action
Motion Graphics 20-Jan-2021, Wednesday 08:00 PM
Python With Machine Learning 20-Jan-2021, Wednesday 08:00 PM
Networking Technology 20-Jan-2021, Wednesday 08:00 PM
Diploma In Graphic 21-Jan-2021, Thursday 08:00 PM
Cyber Security for Beginners 21-Jan-2021, Thursday 08:00 PM
3D Animation 22-Jan-2021, Friday 08:00 PM
Web Design & Development 22-Jan-2021, Friday 08:00 PM
Graphic Design 22-Jan-2021, Friday 08:00 PM
Image Editing 23-Jan-2021, Saturday 08:00 PM
Interior Design 23-Jan-2021, Saturday 08:00 PM
Freelancing In Digital Marketing 23-Jan-2021, Saturday 08:00 PM
Networking & Ccna 24-Jan-2021, Sunday 08:00 PM
YouTube Video Making 24-Jan-2021, Sunday 08:00 PM
App Development 25-Jan-2021, Monday 08:00 PM
Motion Graphics 25-Jan-2021, Monday 08:00 PM
Topic Date Time Action
Php Programming 20-Jan-2021, Wednesday 08:00 PM
Graphic Design 25-Jan-2021, Monday 08:00 PM
Digital Marketing 28-Jan-2021, Thursday 08:00 PM